Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Autumn Racing Carnival , CYCLOPS FILMS

I really like this spot. Firstly l shot it with my friends. Director Paul Cutter and Producer Lucy Verity from CYCLOPS FILMS. Pim Kulk was my camera assistant, who left towards the end of day 1 to become a proud father for the third time, while this was a little early the Kulk family is home safe and well.
Thanks to another good friend of mine, Mike Vlack from GEARHEAD I was given 2 ARRI Alexa's and a full set of Master Primes to use. However the heroes of the racing footage are the GOPRO cameras. Paul bought one, which became two and then three. We mounted these cameras all over the best camera operator we could find. Firstly 'Runway, Runway'(the horse) but most importantly champion jockey Corey Brown. The footage we shot is inter cut with real race footage. The grade is slightly desaturated and given the inclement weather we faced I think the spot has come together very well, thank you everyone.