Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rapids EP

'Holland Air' RAPIDS

Follow this link to a great new sound. Rapids are a Sydney band featuring Jamie, Gus, Remi and Will.

Great music, good actors and they can cook!

listen to the album ~ watch the music videos ~ see them live 

Best Ad Sydney 2012

Dogs & Cats takes out best ad award in sydney

Director Damien Toogood Come to Mama was awarded best director for this moving video highlighting the sad reality facing a lot of pets left at rescue centres in Sydney. Dogs & Cats - 'Getting to zero' also won the Animal spot award in Rome 2011 and is nominated at Cannes this year.
I filmed this spot on a RED MX camera with Cooke s4 lenses.

Dogs & Cats - 'Getting to Zero'

Monday, 28 May 2012

'Spirit-ED' - coming soon

SprirtED the movie

I worked on this proof of concept movie last year.( along with fellow dp's John Brock, Franc Biffone and Simeon Bryan ). Our director and creator Pete Mether  has produced an amazing trailer. Shot on 16mm film with the assistance of Lemac Rentals and a dedicated crew the results are a credit to all involved. While similar to a series of famous books this story leads us down a different path, dealing above and beyond the clouds in both style and story. All the best of luck Pete. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

' i do... '


Saturday, 19 May 2012

'State of Origin'

On Wednesday l travelled to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane to shoot with the king, Wally Lewis.
A great man with an even better stare. Dinner in Brisbane was at 'cha cha char', one of Wally's favourites. Along with 9 sport creative director Alex Rolls, we had a great dinner. Not easy to get a good steak, mid week, after 10pm in Brisbane.
Friday travel back to Sydney and out to ANZ Stadium to shoot blues legend 'Joey' Jones.
These screen grabs will be part of the Channel 9 opener for the series.
The State of Origin series kick's off in Melbourne next Wednesday.
Camera equipment - Arri Alexa set to rec709, recorded to sxs cards at 50fps. 800ASA daylight balance
Lemac Brisbane and Sydney supplied the camera and a set of Cooke S4's.

Saturday, 12 May 2012



starring ~ Jessica Tovey, Ryan Corr
director ~ Kain O'Keefe
camera ~ Ashleigh Carter

for a full HD version please go to  ~  Ashleigh Carter Videos

Thursday, 10 May 2012

'Balloons are fun!'

which way...
are you sure you can see me
this is my favourite hat

I like taking photos, l have a couple of professionals cameras and some great friends with free models. Last week the search was on for a wall, worthy of 3 balloons. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I entered the photo competiton 'Glitter and Glamour' with these images. I took them in a studio in Sydney with a Canon 5DMK11, 50mm EF/f1.2. I used 2 - 1' LED light panels balanced to daylight.
LED lighting is not my first choice for 'beauty' shots, however they allowed me to work very close to the models and bring out the subtle colours used in the make up, without making the make up run.I don't do backlight, i find it distracting. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Everything looks better in black & white...'  Dean Semler asc,acs. It's hard to argue with the great man!
I have shot b&w stills (both film and digital) and l love the simplicity of it.
Shooting is a selfish passion. Express your style, sure look for inspiration in other work, but please make it your own. Your name is on it.
I was asked to shoot one of the 3 video clips to be included on the new RAPIDS - EP.
The guys wanted to make a short film, not just a performance clip. Once again teaming with director Kain O'Keefe we set about developing the look for the film.
Did someone say B&W- great, love it.
Jessica Tovey and Ryan Corr where cast, and both actors were fantastic.
I took this photo to be used as a grading reference. I had a 2k tungsten lamp outside through some 216 on the bathroom window. And that's it. A 50mm lens at 2.8, l like contrast and try to not to shoot at the widest t stop.
The shoot, last Saturday, started at 3pm in Sydney's west. Bump the gear in, start to set up a beer or two and were off.
The clip was shot with a Sony F3 and compact primes generously supplied by GearHead We filmed 4:2:2 pro res to on board sxs cards.
The edit is well under way and i will post a finished copy of the short very soon.