Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Everything looks better in black & white...'  Dean Semler asc,acs. It's hard to argue with the great man!
I have shot b&w stills (both film and digital) and l love the simplicity of it.
Shooting is a selfish passion. Express your style, sure look for inspiration in other work, but please make it your own. Your name is on it.
I was asked to shoot one of the 3 video clips to be included on the new RAPIDS - EP.
The guys wanted to make a short film, not just a performance clip. Once again teaming with director Kain O'Keefe we set about developing the look for the film.
Did someone say B&W- great, love it.
Jessica Tovey and Ryan Corr where cast, and both actors were fantastic.
I took this photo to be used as a grading reference. I had a 2k tungsten lamp outside through some 216 on the bathroom window. And that's it. A 50mm lens at 2.8, l like contrast and try to not to shoot at the widest t stop.
The shoot, last Saturday, started at 3pm in Sydney's west. Bump the gear in, start to set up a beer or two and were off.
The clip was shot with a Sony F3 and compact primes generously supplied by GearHead www.gearhead.com.au. We filmed 4:2:2 pro res to on board sxs cards.
The edit is well under way and i will post a finished copy of the short very soon.

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